12 December 2008


That's all that's left before Christmas arrives. Can you believe it? It'll be a quiet Christmas at home (hopefully) as all the out of town relatives have come and gone and come again (but will leave soon). I'm just about done with all of my shopping. I've got little things and stocking stuffers to get but the big stuff is done. I didn't think I'd make it!

I have to start thinking about my New Years resolutions. I've been meaning to go back and see what my goals were for 2008 and see how much of them I actually accomplished. I'll have to do that soon - the year is almost over!

Today's my & dh anniversary. Five years. I can hardly believe it. I have to say - I couldn't have asked for a better husband. Yeah, he makes me crazy sometimes (ok, most of the time) but he is perfect for me. He's so supportive (emotionally & financially :) ) of WhimsyPics and anything else I want to do, he ALWAYS has my back - even if I'm wrong, he's an awesome father and just an all around awesome guy. I'm blessed.

Here's some stuff I've been working on lately; not too much of anything - just miscellaneous stuff: the little baskets are for Ethan's class for Christmas


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