30 November 2008


Thanksgiving day has come and gone. I had my parents and brothers here from NY and it was great. Maybe next year the in-laws (all of them) will be here too. A girl can dream :)

I'm thankful for
God's mercy and unfailing love
my beautiful, healthy, perfect children
my supportive, loving, husband - my rock
my beautiful home
my family
my freedom
living in the United States of America
my perfect life (perfect for me, that is) :)

I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. i'm very thankful for all those things too :)

    we had an awesome thanksgiving. my whole family was here (okay almost my whole family), i did all the cooking and baking except for a couple dishes. sue brought green bean casserole and her stuffing (i made a gluten free stuffing for my brother, and it came out pretty damn good if i do say so myself lmao)

    it was sooo relaxed and i enjoyed every minute of it.


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