28 August 2008


Another 11 days has gone by since I last posted. I thought I could do better with keeping this blog up to day!

Well, since I last wrote, my parents came down for a visit, I applied and got accepted into two juried selling sites and I have a meeting with a brick & mortar store for consignment. I've been busy trying to create things of each of these new venues - I only hope they go over well! My meeting with the brick & mortar is this afternoon. I've heard so many horror stories about consignment from other sellers so I've prepared my list of questions, printed a sample contract and am keeping an open mind. This may not be the venue for me but it's worth a shot. I may learn something new. And, best case, it could be a very lucrative step in the right direction for WhimsyPics. Wish me luck/pray for me!

Ethan is still obsessed with 'The Girl in the Pink Shirt' (we'll call her TGPS for short) except last practice she was wearing a white shirt :). So we're on the couch after practice the other day and here's our conversation:

Ethan: I wonder if TGPS has a washing machine.
Me: Probably, yes.
Ethan: Well, maybe she doesn't have a dryer.
Me: I'm pretty sure she does.
Ethan: Maybe we should wash her clothes.

OBSESSED. He slays me.

At that same practice, he follows her around and when they're in line, shoulder to shoulder, he puts his hand on her shoulder and just leaves it there! LOL So I'm trying to whisper to him to get his hand off (I don't want her to deck him!) but he is all the way across the field. *sigh* What's a mom to do. At one point, he was so close behind her while they were playing that they tripped and fell over each other!!

I'm sure I'll have a million more stories of Ethan and TGPS next time. Hopefully, I'll also have some good news about WhimsyPics and brick & mortars :)

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