08 February 2008

G'bye FEEbay

Ebay has done it again - raised their fees that is. And that's just one of the many changes they'll be implementing by May. Amongst them, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative feedback to buyers who fail to pay or worse. Well, I've gotten screwed for the last time. I took it for a LOOONG time; even after I was keeping less than HALF of my selling price (after all the ebay, store and paypal fees) on so many items. Well, NO MORE! Most of my listings will now be on ETSY.COM (check out the link on the left). Check it out!
So, tell your friends! I'll still list an occasional item on ebay because the traffic that goes through there surpasses that of any other site. BUT I'm hoping my customers, new and old, will follow me to ETSY.COM.
Off to finish another pba!


  1. You know, it is quite sad taht they are able to charge so many fees like that!! Whata rip & no wonder nothing is cheap on there anymore!!!!

  2. That really stinks Melissa!!! I am glad you are going elsewhere. GOOD LUCK!!!!...you stuff is awesome so I am sure you will do great!!

  3. Doesn't that just suck Melissa! Their fees are crazy that's why I stopped selling there too. Good luck to you. Your work is awesome and I think you will do fine!

  4. The fees are getting out of sight. I've not posted anything in ages. Best of luck with the esty :)

  5. i don't blame you one bit for leaving. they are a total rip off. i hope etsy works out better then last time.


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