31 January 2008

My new toy

So, I got the Clip it Up last week and finally put it up and stocked it. OMGosh I still have so much stuff and I actually ran out of clips!! It looks like there are a million little clips in those bags and I thought 'No way am I gonna use them all'. Well, I did. I love having everything so handy! Just got my Archiver's 30% coupon too. Guess what I'm getting next. Yup, the top. Mmmm....addicted much? (*I have that map of the US on the wall so I can mark where all my LPSC friends live!)

I got my 7 gypsies ATC revolving holder thingie on Monday and OMG I'm DYING to play with it!!!! BUT I have a list of projects to finish first. I decided I'm gonna do a 'my favorite things' display with it. I can't wait to get started! I have another one on order, thanks to a dear friend and enabler!!
What else can I tell you?....Ethan's been so sick all week with a terrible cold. It just breaks my heart to see him all teary and boogery; poor thing. He's getting better now though cuz he's starting to test my patience like always. And Ava's a little out of sorts with a runny nose. I'm hoping it doesn't make it to a full fledged cold!
I made a KILLER chili today! One of the moms from the MOM's club here posted her mother's SECRET recipe but for the right price, I'll share ;) It was SOOOO good (and I don't usually eat chili) and the best part is: I made it in the crock pot! WOOHOO!

Marcene, I am SO PSYCHED to see the dolls!!!! OMGosh, you guys, I went to her blog and saw the ADORABLE raggedy dolls she makes. Of course, I had to get Ava one!! I told dh and he says 'tell her to make one of Ethan too so Ava can have the pair'. Aw, isn't that sweet. So I have these two CUSTOM dolls coming!!

Oh AND I went to Target today and found this Foosball table that actually has like 50 games (ok maybe less LOL) on sale! My sister told me about it last nite. I just happened to go today to get some curtain rods (thanks Mom!) and there it was - originally $120 and I paid.........drumroll please............$30! That's right folks! I'll take a pic when dh sets it up - so cool!

I'm off to finish packagin my Secret Cupid gift. Hope you like it, secret sister!

PS Mom I asked for prayers for Pastor Carl. We've got the whole LPSC family on it!


  1. Melissa love your new organizer I would love to have one :)

    And congrats on the new toy for the kids! I would love to see Marcene's dolls a link would be nice.

  2. Oops I forgot to tell you I left something for you on my blog.

  3. Okay forgive me but,
    What's a gypsies ATC revolving holder?
    What's a Foosball table?

    I would love the chili recipe. I hope my babies get better soon.

    I'll keep you posted on Pastor Carl. Thank you for everyone's prayers. love mom

  4. Melissa, aren't you completely in love with your clip it up? OMGosh! I don't know how I ever survivied without mine!! Good idea to get the top withthe archivers coupon!!! I'm gonna too!!

    So you ordered dolls from Marcene? I had thought about it, but I wasn't sure if she would...hmmm...I may just get ahold of that girl!!! :o)

    Good job on the great Target deal!!!

  5. I love Marcene's Dolls too! I really like that Clip it up. I might have to get one!

  6. i wanna see marcene's dolls LOL put her blog in your links list PLEASE :D LOL okay well you are the big sis so where do i get off telling you what to do HA!!!! LMAO i am so jealous of your clip it up, i want one so badly. and OMG on the deal you got with the foosball table. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

    love you MUAH!!!


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