17 August 2011


I {love} making ACEOs. Love. They're the perfect way to use those tiny pieces of gorgeous paper that you can't bear to throw out, tiny embellishments that might get lost on a 12x12 page, and just the right size so they're not overwhelming to make or look at. I love them.

These tiny easels make them easy to display as proper works of art :)

It seems I have a 'style' or 'theme' - and it's all girly. I can't help it; I'm a girl. :) I love {old} {loved} {shabby chic} and {femme}. I wonder if everything I make looks the same. But then, that's ok if it does. It's what I love and what inspires me. Hopefully, someone else will love it, too. Here are two more I've made this week.

I'm off to try my hand at banana bread for the first time ever. I don't like bananas but my kids do. There are some older ones that are turning and I can't bear to throw them out. Wish me luck.


  1. Hope your baking went well Melissa. I think your creations show your style. I think i have a 'style' forming now, sometimes i think it's a bit predictable but i guess it's recognisable rather than predictable and someone recently said they love it or words to that effect so i say go with what you love :) What is the size of an ACEO btw is it the same as an ATC?

  2. Just stunning, keep making what you love because it is GORGEOUS! Hope the bread turns out yummy :)

    -rachel w k


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