24 May 2011


Since the last time I wrote, I've had a few out of town guests and done very little crafting. And yet, somehow, my craft room is a disaster! Maybe 'cause I've just been putting it off for so long. I like to clean up after every project and start fresh but that hasn't happened in a while so...yeah, it's bad.

So, I'm cleaning up and going through everything. Hard-core cleaning and purging and consolidation and reorganizing. It helps me think more clearly and hopefully be more creative!
I've already sold some packs of Basic Grey paper and have some others listed on my Facebook page and I'm still going through lots more. If you're interested in purchasing any of the lots listed, write me and let me know. I'm hoping to get through everything this week but...who knows!

There are some things in my space that I absolutely love and are so useful, essential even!

Summer Garden Pin Cushion by Chet and Dot

Another sweet pin cushion by Sea Pinks

My tiny metal buckets from the dollar section at Target

And my must-have stamp keeper by Tim Holtz

I've gotta get back to my cleaning now. Don't forget to check my facebook page to see what I'm getting rid of! I'll also be listing things in my destash shop on Etsy.

If you don't hear from me soon, send someone to dig me out of this mess!



  1. LOVE your blog-- and Etsy shop! :)


  2. oh I can commiserate, my craft room is a disaster too! good for you for getting down and cleaning it, as well as de-stashing.

    your latest follower,




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