05 November 2009


Mom has come and gone. We had an intimate little dinner party at my sister's house for Mom's birthday while she was here. Loads of fun and laughter and silliness. I can't wait for my Mom and Dad to move here. I wish they would hurry!

I'm so nervous about the ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS event this Saturday! I'm so afraid of not having enough stuff and that I'll forget something. I have my list of must haves that I've gathered from my seasoned etsy craft show sellers. Wish me luck :) I'll be sure to post photos and report back when it's all done!

If you're in the Durham, NC area this Saturday check us out - it'll be fun! And be sure to stop by the WhimsyPics table and say hi :)

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  1. Your going to do GREAT! The most important thing NOT TO FORGET? Your sense of humor...


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