30 March 2009


The LP Spring Fling Crop is over....and I'm exhausted!! We had tons of fun and I ended up gettting a few pages done. I'm impressed with myself. :) I went digging thru my stash for each layout and I can't believe how much of my past kits I still have left! Some of them are even unopened. I have got to put a dent in these. I haven't purchased any supplies outside of my kits in months. I'm determined that I'm gonna have to use up what I have before I get anything new!

I'll share some of the pages I got done this weekend with you. If you haven't made it over yet, you should go check it out. There are so many challenges and fun make & takes - you can do them all year long!

Danielle's Sketch Recipe Challenge:

Sandra's Mix It Up Challenge:

Laura-Lee's Please Include Challenge:

Sandra's Crazy, Quirky, Cool Challenge:

Gabrielle's Achy Breaky Heart Challenge:

There are a ton of challenges that I still have to do. I'll have inspiration for a long time yet! I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Fabulous LP Design Team for doing such a bang-up job on the crop and an especially BIG THANK YOU to all who participated!! Thanks for making it all worth while!
It's back to reality for me today. I've got to register my big boy for Kindergarten (*gasp!) and run a million little errands that I've just been letting slide.
Have a great week, everybody!!


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