20 January 2009


We woke up to several inches of snow this morning - can you believe it? I heard this is the coldest winter in 10 years here in Raleigh. Figures...I move to the South to get warm and it gets colder. I wrapped the kids in several layers of clothing b/c till now I've refused to get heavy coats - we're in the South for Pete's sake! So, Ethan had to use socks as gloves!! LOL Well, at least the kids had fun!


  1. OMW! What GREAT pictures!!! And I know what you mean about the socks for gloves LOL...welcome to the south hehe

  2. I can't believe you got snow and you are south of me!! No fair!!!

  3. I am so jealous!!! Carter is finally big enough he would enjoy the snow and we have gotten none! Figures! Just freezing cold, I mean if it is this cold we should get some snow! Loving the socks as gloves!!!


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