02 January 2009


2009. Can you believe it? I remember when I was little I would calculate that in 2003 I would be 30 and think 'that's a million years away!'. Not so much anymore :) I've been watching The Twilight Zone marathon (for the fourth New Years in a row) on SCIFI for two days. It's so funny to see what they thought the future would be like back in 1959 - not even close. No jetbacks or telepathy here! I'm looking forward to whatever this new year brings. 2008 was great for me - no complaints. My family is healthy, clothed, housed and fed - beyond that, I don't need anything. I am blessed. So, here's to 2009 *raises glass*!! Blessings to you and yours!

I don't have any resolutions, per se. The big thing I'd like to do this year is submit my work for publication. I always thought it would be cool to see something of mine in a magazine :) but I've never actually sent anything! So, maybe I'll try and see what happens.

I've cranked out more pages in the last 3 days than I have in all of 2008! I'm getting ready for a weekend of cropping, chatting and playing with my friends at the Life Preservers Club. You should stop by (starting tonight at 7p est)! You don't have to join or even chat (though we'd love you to!) - just be inspired and challenged. There are prizes to be won too. Drop by if you get a chance!


  1. all of these projects are ADORABLE!
    Have a Happy New Year & check my blog out. I left ya a little love there. :o)


  2. It has been so fun having you back at LP!!! I missed you & your funny self there!!!


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