26 October 2008



I was tagged by PinkPatrice of PinkPatrice.etsy.com. Check out her adorable cards!

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Here are 7 facts about me:
1. I hate talking on the phone - hence, I never answer it.
2. I once flew to Jamaica for a day to attend a party (I was a travel agent then).
3. I bite my cuticles. Alot. It's really gross. I need a manicure.
4. It hurts my heart to pay full price for anything - unless it's a gift. If it's for someone else, I go all out.
5. My eyebrows are tatooed. Well, they're faded now, but they were tatooed. If I had money for it, I'd do it again - my real eyebrows are TINY.
6. I thought about piercing my nose once. For a minute. But still, I thought about it.
7. I love airplanes but I hate to fly.

So now I'm tagging:
The Paper Elephant
Mark My Words
Krazy Kate Designs

My parents were here this week and on Friday, my mom took the grandkids (and me) to see Walking With Dinosaurs! It totally ROCKED!! If the show is coming to a city near you, go see it - I think it's worthwhile! It's like a documentary in that it's narrated and they discuss each era. But the dinosaurs are so huge and so life-like that it's fun (and a little scary!). Of course, my favorite was the T-Rex :)

Here are some pictures:

I'm hoping we'll get to the State Fair today. If we do, I'll post some pictures. Have I ever told you how much I love the Fall? :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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