27 July 2008


I just dropped the kids off at my sister's. I just needed some quiet time for me. I took an uninterrupted shower - can you imagine? THAT is the highlight of my day!! LOL I'm going to Archiver's in just a bit to take a class on these cool clear cards I saw there. Until then, I'll be cleaning up this scraproom; it looks like a tornado hit it.

Here are my LPSC DT submissions for the month. I know, I know - completely unimaginative and boring. My mojo has disappeared and I can't find it anywhere :( Oh Mojo....where are you???

I also started a Facebook account (why???). My sister talked me into it. I have yet to figure it out but if you're on there, look me up! I'm WhimsyPics on there too :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. I wish my stuff looked that good with no imagination & mojo!!!!

    Glad you got some time to yourself!!! There ain't nothing like a peaceful shower!!

  2. I am shocked...you with no mojo?????
    Well I agree with Andrea...looks real good anyway!!

  3. omg whateva, LMAO all your stuff always RAWKS!!!!

  4. hi Melissa, those babies grow too fast, don't they?? My Sarah just turned one too. And my DS turns 3 on Tuesday. We just came back from ChuckECheese to celebrate everyone's birthdays. yes, the whole family birthdays. No invitations, no party favors, but lots of fun!! :) Happy Birthday, Ava!! Oh, BTW, I am having a Give Away on my blog, so stop by, my friend. :)


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