26 June 2008


So sometimes, if you have a contest/promotion going on in your blog, you want to tell people about it, n'est pas? LOL. Yeah, I've been a little busy and failed to mention my super exciting contest (see below). Obviously nobody won. *sigh* Have I mentioned I need a nanny?

Nothing too exciting going on over here. I went to the Archiver's crop last week with some other MOMS club moms and had tons of fun. I made these little note cards with my new Stampin' Up set:

I'm in the planning stages of Ava's first birthday party! With Ethan, we had it at a restaurant and invited SOOOOO many people - it was a whole 'thing'. For Ava, it's going to be a little affair but fabulous nonetheless. I've custom ordered labels, pendants for the little girls and spiderman crayons for the boys - all from etsy. I'll be using cotton napkins, real dishes, cutlery & cups and empty baby food jars in an effort to not make unnecessary waste (and save some money!). Hopefully it'll turn out ok.

Ava's screeching - gotta run! Have a great week everybody!


  1. I cannot beleive she is going to be one. Happy Belated to you & Henry.

  2. I love your cards melissa!!! I can't believe Ava is gonna be one already!! AND yes, happy belated to you and Henry!!! hope you find that nanny soon!! LOL

  3. omgosh i can't believe she is gonna be one. holy crapinoles lol.

    love ya

  4. Love your cards! Can't wait to see pics of the affair!


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