17 March 2008


So, we celebrated Ethan's birthday at the bowling alley -just like he wanted. The kids had such fun and I was just thrilled that I'd have no cleaning up to do! Ah, my favorite kind of party - the one that I don't host at home. LOL. Here are a few pics:

My baby boy isn't a baby anymore :( Nana & Papa & Grandma & Papa were all here to celebrate with us so it was a great time.

Saturday morning before the party, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the park here in town. Ethan got some eggs even though there were a billion kids there!! I live in the country out here in nowhere land - I had no idea so many people live here! LOL

Well, that was my weekend. The house is empty again - kinda lonely with just us 4. I hope to catch up with my cyber life (ie: etsy, lifepclub, paperprimp etc.), clean some and hopefully create something today/this week. I'm having serious withdrawals. God, please let the baby sleep alot this week ;)

Here's what I listed on etsy today (I made this and another little thing last week or the week before but I've had no time to list!):

Wanna see more?? Check out my Etsy store!!


  1. Wow Melissa...you had a really busy weekend! But it looks like you had lots of fun!!! Happy Birthday to your son!!

  2. Melissa I love the easter bunny picture! And your booklet is so adorable!

  3. What a cute little guy. What a happy day he had and Happy Birthday...

  4. Happy Birthday to Ethan! What a cutie! Your sure making great memories....

  5. Awww...the bowling shoes are so cute on Ethans little feet!!! I love all of the Easter pics too!!

  6. Oh that looks like so much fun! We were just at a bowling birthday party last weekend and Blake loved it!

    Congrats on your new DT position too!

  7. omgosh lol ethan is getting so big. i love the shoes on him they are stylin lol. i also love the bunny pic. ava is getting so big. i just wanna squeeze her till poop comes out lol. i love your work as well. your etsy store is coming along awesomely.

  8. bowling shoes are in style!!!! that is such an adorable pic of ethan!!! of course i love your creations too!!! and gf, thanks for your nice thoughts, comments and prayers! i'm going through IT right now. xo


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